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Type of Indonesian Ornamental Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish – Betta fish are quite aggressive and attacking fish. These freshwater fish sometimes live in stagnant ponds. Some types of betta fish have very attractive body colors.

The shape, the fins are very beautiful, and the movement is calm enough to have a swimming style. Because the beauty of the color of the fish makes people interested in having it and making it a pet collection.

Here we will tell you the types of betta fish : 

1. Halfmoon

This type of halfmoon fish has long fins and tails that stick together to form a semicircle. This Halfmoon cupan fish is known and maintained for its beauty.

2. Crown Tail

This fish’s Crown Tail Betta is very global because of its beauty variation called crown tail or crown tail, because when it faces upwards its type of tail resembles a very sharp needle, it is certainly not dangerous.

3. Plaque

Plaque betta fish are often used as fighting fish or fighting fish. However, not a few people keep this type of placard betta. Even though it is a beautiful type, the plaque betta fish has the impression of a firm and sturdy fins.

4. Double tail

This double tail fish is because the tail is split in two, like forked in two. This type of double tail betta fish is classified as difficult to develop. Therefore, its existence is still rarely found on the market and is known to be very rare.


HMPK betta fish is the result of breeding or breeding of plakat and halfmoon betta fish and then abbreviated as HMPK. HMPK has received a lot of praise for its beautiful and charming shape and color.


This super giant betta fish was successfully developed from Thailand. Its largest size reaches 12 cm, much larger than other types of betta fish. Thanks to its large size, this giant betta fish cannot move as fast as other fish.

Those are the types of betta fish that you need to know from ig @bettadns_ or go to the cupang jambi website. Of course it is very beautiful and not elegant.

Tips To Have An Easy Win On Poker Online

Tips To Have Easy Win On Poker Online

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